On-Going YouTube Guest Host (Contract Position)

Doberman Planet is looking for exciting, unusual, knowledgeable, or just NEW guest hosts to bring in front of our audience! If you’re interested in being a guest host contractor for Doberman Planet, then you’ve come to the right place. We love having new stories to tell and new dogs for our audience to learn from! No, you don’t have to be a Doberman Pro to do this, you’ve learned your lesson along the way, just share what you know!

This is a fantastic opportunity to do something new and exciting, and help Doberman owners everywhere via the most popular Doberman-focused YouTube channel in the world!

Doberman Planet is looking for a few passionate Doberman owners who want to share their tips, insights, triumphs, and struggles, with their Dobermans.

We’re Looking for Guest Hosts Who Are:

  • Comfortable (or can become comfortable) in the spotlight and in front of a camera.
  • Able to deliver quality raw footage of themselves speaking into a camera and following a provided outline, often with their dog present, on a contract basis.
  • Flexible in what they produce based on the needs of Doberman Planet.
  • Willing to show their dog and daily life candidly to our viewers.
  • Excited to teach, instruct, and share insight into this breed with positivity, and passion.
  • Willing to occasionally follow highly-scripted segments in the footage they record, such as sponsorship blurbs or other specific segments.
  • Willing to occasionally review a product or service from the perspective of a Doberman owner.
  • Able to have video calls with the Doberman Planet team prior to the production of a new video to collaborate and discuss details of the project.

This is a contract position where you’ll be working closely with John Walter of Doberman Planet (regular video calls), and producing wonderfully insightful raw footage of life with your Doberman that we will later edit, polish, and eventually publish on the Doberman Planet YouTube channel.

Specific Spots We’re Looking to Fill

There are a few specific contract spots we’re looking to fill on our channel. Each spot is a little different and some are paid while others aren’t. Here are the type of guest hosts we’re looking for and what makes each spot unique:

  • Puppy to Follow (Paid – Tier 1) – This person will be a primary presence on the Doberman Planet channel for the next YEAR! That’s right, whoever becomes the “puppy to follow” host doesn’t have to be an expert in anything, but they need to be dedicated to being the best owner they can be and sharing as much as possible with the world on a regular schedule. Viewers will REALLY get to know you! This host will create at least one video every month for the channel documenting the growth and development of their Doberman puppy over the course of the entire year! This dog will become “the next Arlo” of Doberman Planet! Please be willing to stick with this opportunity for the next year, creating at least one video per month (possibly more in the first few months with your pup) on a pre-planned schedule while working closely with the Doberman Planet team!
  • Trainer/Behaviorist (Paid – Tier 3) – We’re looking for someone who is either a dog trainer or behaviorist and holds an applicable certification. Someone very familiar with the Doberman breed. Ideally, this person would own a Doberman of their own and have a passion for sharing specific training techniques with the world by creating one video per month while working closely with the Doberman Planet team.
  • Breeder (Paid – Tier 2) – This will be someone who is a responsible Doberman breeder with a track record. They could either be actively breeding Dobermans now or who is in between litters. Someone who will answer many “breeder questions” the audience has and will regularly appear on our channel on a schedule. The frequency of the videos you produce will vary.
  • Veterinarian (Paid – Tier 4) – We’re also looking for a trained veterinarian since the health of this breed is such an important topic. Ideally, this would be a veterinarian with some experience with Dobermans or who owns one of their own. However, significant Doberman-specific experience isn’t required.
  • Doberman Expert (Paid – Tier 2) – This would be someone with significant knowledge of the Doberman breed. Maybe you have experience competing, training, or breeding Dobermans, or just a long history of owning and researching this breed. This should be someone very familiar with their natural behavior tendencies and instincts including how those manifest themselves in their daily lives with their owners. You’ll be our “FDS” (Family Doberman Specialist)!


We’re looking for someone excited about being a part of the Doberman Planet team on a contract basis, and hopefully a regular on our YouTube channel. Someone who sees value in simply helping other Doberman owners, sharing insight into their lives with their dog, and teaching others about the Doberman breed in general.

However, we understand that what we’re asking for takes time and effort to produce (although it should be a lot of fun too). Therefore, we’re willing to compensate for some of these positions for the footage you produce!

Pay can vary by the project but below are the typical pay rates for completed projects done by each type of contractor (see the “Specific Spots We’re Looking to Fill” section above).

Tier 1$150
Tier 2$175
Tier 3$225
Tier 4$250
NOTE: Pay for a given project can vary. You’ll always be made aware of the pay for each project before you begin.

Include a Short Introduction Video

After clicking the button in the section below, there will be an interest form to complete and an area where you can upload an “introduction video”. This is optional but highly encouraged and will help put you at the top of our list!

Please take a moment to record a short video of you speaking into the camera (recorded in landscape orientation please) and introducing yourself, your dog, and speaking a bit about what you can bring to the channel! Your introduction video will only be viewed by the Doberman Planet team and will not be released. If you have any experience in producing videos in any way, we’d love to hear about that too so we can get an idea of the quality of the footage you’re able to produce! But don’t worry, remember we can work with you there if you aren’t experienced with recording videos!

Submit Your Interest

If you’re interested in being a contract Guest Host with Doberman Planet and helping Doberman owners everywhere in the process, please submit your interest by clicking on the button below and filling out an interest card! If you have any questions, please submit them to [email protected].


    What will I need to deliver as the final product?

    This will vary a little bit depending on the project and John will discuss it with you in detail on a video call prior to each new project. However, you’ll typically deliver 1 to 2 hours of raw footage as your end product. Most of this will be you filming your dog doing various activities, prepping, doing a couple of “practice runs” at following the outline, etc. Our editors will cut out most of the raw footage you send that are rough takes or practice runs, and we’ll be left with just the “final takes”. This will be footage of you speaking into a camera, filming your dog, demonstrating something, or just sharing your experiences, and teaching others.

    Do I need to edit the footage?

    Not at all! Doberman Planet uses its own video editors. We handle everything else, all you need to worry about is speaking with us to discuss each project, producing the requested raw footage, and delivering (uploading) it to us!

    Would I be hosting the channel every week?

    No, you’ll be one of a handful of “Guest Hosts” here at Doberman Planet. John Walter will also still host episodes on occasion as well.

    How will I know what to say in these videos?

    Depending on the position, you may have a list of topics that you know ahead of time you’ll be producing videos for on a regular schedule (such as the “Puppy to Follow” position). Other positions may involve an extra video call with John prior where you’ll talk about where you are in your Doberman journey including your struggles, accomplishments, etc. Then a topic will be chosen and you may discuss some rough ideas about what you’ll cover in the video. Later, you’ll receive a completed outline to follow while recording your video that’ll hopefully make the creation of the footage very straightforward.

    How often would you want me to produce footage for an episode?

    It may vary depending on the contract position you’re selected for and your availability. Refer to the position descriptions above as they will have more information regarding how often we expect you to produce raw video footage for a project.

    I don’t know much about recording high-end video footage, is that ok?

    We are FAR less concerned about finding someone who can produce perfect video footage than we are about finding someone who can produce useful and helpful videos for our viewers. Even if you’re new to recording audio and video, as long as you’re willing to improve the quality as you go, then we’re happy!

    I don’t have any video equipment, can I still do this?

    John started out with a cell phone, a $20 tripod, and a $25 microphone clipped to his shirt. Most modern cell phones are capable of producing amazing footage. If you are able to (1) find a way to keep your phone stable during recording such as by using a tripod and (2) find a way to capture audio in a better-than-average way (such as a cheap lav microphone that plugs into your cell phone), then you are more than capable of producing what we’re looking for!

    Many of our guest hosts use the Tascam DR-10L (Amazon Link) lav mic to record exceptional audio and a cheap tripod to hold their phones steady. Of course, if you do have better equipment such as a digital video camera or DSLR camera, high-end lav microphone, or video lighting, that’s always welcome as the end product will be even better!

    I want to do it! What are the next steps?

    Simply submit an interest card by clicking on the blue button in the section above. It’ll take you to a basic form that will allow us to get to know you a little bit better and where you can submit an introduction video. Once that’s completed and submitted, if we’re interested in speaking with you further, we’ll reach out to you!

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