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Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below before sending an e-mail to see if your specific inquiry is addressed.

Contact FAQ

Can you provide a referral for a good Doberman breeder? Doberman Planet is not able to make breeder referrals. Choosing a breeder is a very personal choice that must be made by the individual. Remember, no breeder is perfect so don’t get stuck on trying to find the “perfect” breeder. For ideas on where to start your search for a reputable breeder, see this article.

Can I contact John Walter with a question about my specific situation? John regularly responds to comments left on articles published on by readers as well as comments on his YouTube videos. Those are the best places to reach out to John directly. While he tries to respond to as many comments as possible, please be aware that it isn’t always possible to respond to every comment due to the number he receives.

Can you provide contact information for Arlo’s breeder? John’s Doberman Arlo has become quite the well-known host of the Doberman Planet YouTube channel. We receive frequent requests to divulge the contact information for Arlo’s breeder. Unfortunately, Arlo’s breeder’s information won’t be made public (or messaged to you privately). His breeder does not want to be named and Doberman Planet is also unable to make referrals to, or endorse, any specific breeder. Yes, even Arlo’s.

My organization would like to do an interview with John, how do I get in touch with him? The media contact e-mail address listed below is the best place to direct any media related inquires, including interview requests. Requests that have the possibility of being fulfilled will be responded to as soon as possible.

How do I get personalized help with my Doberman? Posting a public comment on the Doberman Planet YouTube channel or on a specific article on this website that is closely related to the subject of your inquiry are the best ways to get help from us. Posting your question publically this way will also allow others to benefit from the answer you receive. Additionally, there are also many online forums, social media groups, and other such methods to contact other Doberman owners for advice. When in doubt, seek a professional such as a veterinarian or animal behaviorist.

I found an error on your website or have additional information that will help other Doberman owners. Who do I contact? Great! We would love to hear from you! The more accurate information we can compile on this website the better. Send any helpful input to the contact e-mail address listed below for “website issues”.

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For Doberman Related Advice: General Doberman breed related questions or requests for personalized Doberman related advice sent to these e-mail addresses will NOT be answered. E-mails sent to the above-listed addresses go to management organizations who Doberman Planet contracts with to appropriately handle the above listed inquires. They are not Doberman experts. Please read the above FAQ section for more.

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