Refund Policy

At Doberman Planet, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with every product and service we offer. The goal of Doberman Planet is to provide owners everywhere with the products and support they need to be successful in integrating a Doberman into their lives and their families.

However, if you find that you aren’t completely satisfied with one of our products or services, here are our refund policies for each one.

For the sake of this refund policy, the terms “Doberman Planet” and “” will refer to the same entity, which is Doberman Planet LLC.

Private Coaching Refund Policy

For the sake of this refund policy, “private coaching”, “coaching services”, “consulting”, and “coaching” will refer to the same services which can be found at A “Coach” is the person or persons associated with Doberman Planet who you consult with during your coaching call or who creates your coaching video.

Doberman Planet offers two types of coaching services. “Live Coaching Sessions” (also referred to as “Coaching Calls”) and “Custom Coaching Videos” (also referred to as “Coaching Videos”).

Private coaching packages and individual sessions are offered under the understanding that you’re paying for a consultation with someone who has been deemed to be well-versed in Doberman knowledge by us. The advice you receive should be treated as a second opinion and not as expert advice.

Purchasing private coaching is a way you can communicate with someone who has a different set of knowledge and experience than you may have, in order to get their insight, opinions, and personalized feedback.

There are many variables that contribute to the success of the methods, techniques, or approaches suggested by your coach during a coaching call or coaching video that are beyond the control of Doberman Planet, its owners, and your coach. Some examples include the owner’s effort, consistency, hard work, adaptation, resourcefulness, determination to make suggested techniques successful, unforeseen behavior by the dog, genetics, health issues, and other variables.

Results are not guaranteed.

Due to the many variables contributing to success or failure that are outside of our control, refunds are generally not provided on our coaching packages.

There are a few exceptions, however, which are listed below.

Non-Refundable Service Fee of $50

When you place an order for any of our coaching services, we begin work right away. For that reason and others, $50 of your purchase is deemed to be a non-refundable service fee as soon as your order is placed. This pays for costs incurred by us including, but not limited to, time spent scheduling, reaching out via email, preparing for your call, research, and fees charged to us by third-party payment processors.

You’re Entitled to a Full Refund, Minus the $50 Service Fee, When:

  • For live coaching sessions, we are unable to perform your coaching call for any reason (as the result of either party) prior to your call’s scheduled start time. We do ask, however, that you provide at least 24-hour advanced notice as a courtesy if you no longer require the coaching call.
  • For live coaching sessions, your coach does not show up on the call within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time AND the full length of the coaching call cannot be completed or rescheduled as a direct result of your coach’s late arrival.
  • For custom coaching videos, if we are unable or unsuccessful in delivering your purchased coaching video within 7 business days of your completion of the questionnaire.
  • We determine that there are no questions or issues you have that our coach can assist with as determined from your initial coaching call survey form and/or follow-up e-mails with Doberman Planet staff.

We will automatically cancel your coaching service and issue a full refund, less the Service Fee, if you fail to complete the pre-call questionnaire form within 14-days of it being emailed to you, or if you fail to answer any critical communications (typically scheduling or clarification-related e-mails) regarding necessary information needed or steps to take prior to our call unless this failure occurs within 24-hours of a confirmed start time for your coaching call.

It’s critically important to watch your email inbox and spam folders for our emails to ensure you do not fail to respond to our messages.

You Can Reschedule a Live Coaching Session When:

  • You provide at least 24-hour advanced notice that you wish to reschedule your coaching call.
  • Your coach is unable to make the scheduled date and time of your previously scheduled call.
  • We are unable to connect for our coaching call due to technical difficulties.

Please note that your coaching call can be rescheduled a maximum of two times as a result of unforeseen circumstances on your end. After which your coaching call will be refunded and we may decline to book you in the future.

No Refunds or Rescheduling Will Be Permitted When:

  • For live coaching sessions, you need to conclude your call early after it has begun for any reason.
  • For live coaching sessions, if your coach needs to conclude the call early due to your circumstances or behavior. Examples include rude or vulgar behavior, your early departure from the call for ANY REASON, or any other circumstances that make a productive teaching session difficult or impossible.
  • For custom coaching videos, after your video has already been recorded and delivered via email.

We do not give refunds for live coaching sessions after the live portion of the call has been completed or for custom coaching videos, after they have been recorded and delivered to you.

Please recognize that more goes into our coaching call services than just the call or video itself, including significant time spent preparing by the coach prior to the call or creating the recording. However, we do our best to work with our customers to come to fair resolutions for disputes as appropriate.

Coaching Package Refunds

If a refund is requested and authorized for a multi-call coaching package within the terms listed in this document, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the number of calls included in that package that have not been completed, less the Service Fee mentioned above. The prorated refund amount is calculated strictly on the number of calls that have been completed.

For example, if you purchase a $1800 package of 3 coaching calls, and cancel after the first call is completed, you will receive a refund of $1150 ($1800/3 = $600 per call, two uncompleted calls equals a $1200 refund minus the above-mentioned $50 service fee for a total refund of $1150).

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Although we generally do not make exceptions to the above policies, we reserve the right to on a case-by-case basis when appropriate.

If you have any further questions about our refund policy or coaching calls in general, please e-mail [email protected] prior to booking with us.

By purchasing a coaching call through Doberman Planet, you agree to this refund policy and our terms and conditions.