Private 1-on-1 Coaching


John Walter

Live coaching session

Your session will be via Skype with John Walter himself. You can ask questions about your Doberman, breeders, or any other topic!

Doberman-specific help

John specializes in the Doberman breed, and only the Doberman breed. The help you receive will be tailored specifically to this unique breed.

Cover multiple topics

Discuss as many topics, questions, or concerns about your dog or Dobermans in general as you'd like during the allotted time.

Custom Plan of Action

After our call, you'll receive a "Plan of Action" customized to your specific situation that'll help you to achieve the results you want.


Thank you for taking a look at my 1-on-1 private coaching sessions! I know you probably wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have some important issues that need to be addressed about your Doberman or about decisions you have to make before bringing home your new Doberman.

I also realize that private coaching is not a cheap service. That’s why I do everything I can to make sure you get the most out of your coaching call including preparing well in advance so I’m able to provide you with the most helpful insight and recommendations possible. I want to address as many of your questions and concerns as possible during our call.

The Doberman breed is incredibly unique with their own set of instincts, behaviors, and character traits. Struggling owners who get Doberman-specific help have the best chance of success with their dogs. That’s why I’ll do everything I can to support you and your Doberman in the most effective way possible. Let’s resolve your issues together!

I look forward to meeting you!

John Walter and Cooper, his Doberman Pinscher.

John Walter

Doberman Pinscher Consulting service

I realize that one-on-one consulting is an expensive service and those who book with me are generally in need of some serious help. That’s why I promise you that I’ll be prompt and well prepared for our meeting.


per session

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Please Read Before Purchasing:

Please note that we are unable to assist with medical diagnosis or treatment, ear posting or wrapping, in-depth nutritional guidance, bite/guard work training, medicines, or dangerous dogs in high-risk situations. Please e-mail [email protected] PRIOR to booking a coaching call for any of these topics!

Frequently asked questions

After you purchase a coaching session you’ll be sent to a “thank you” page which will contain a link to a pre-call questionnaire to fill out. It’s extremely important that you complete that questionnaire after your purchase. It’ll provide you with a chance to let me know what you need help with so that I can be as prepared as possible for your coaching session. It’ll also ask you for a few suggestions on times when you’re available for the call. You’ll get an email from the Doberman Planet team in the following days confirming which of those times work best for your coach and then you’re all set!

At the start of the call, I’ll go over any follow up questions I have about your situation. I also like to try and better understand you, your dog, and the home environment. Then we can will dive right into answering your questions. It’ll be an interactive Skype call where you can get into an in-depth conversation with me about your situation or anything else you want to talk about! You paid for this call, so if you just want to hang out and chat, that’s ok too!

Suggestions and advice on training techniques, getting ready for a new puppy, integrating a new puppy into your household, handling various behavior problems, interpretations of behaviors your Doberman is displaying, help choosing between the various types/colors/sexes of Doberman out there, and just about any other Doberman-related topic that you need help on!

Yes, there are definitely things that we’re either not qualified to help you out with or are unable to for other reasons. We’ll definitely let you know about what those are should those topics arise. Some examples of things we can’t help you with are: medical diagnosis or treatment, specific nutritional recommendations/diet analysis, medicines, ear wrapping/posting, bite training, and high-risk dogs or situations. Generally, your coach will do their best to steer you to a competent professional who can help you further with these topics.

The short answer is simply this… because I would rather help fewer people more thoroughly, than help a larger number of people in a rushed or “halfhearted” way. Most of what you’re paying for goes into things I do outside of our actual call. These are things like research time to ensure I’m giving you the best advice I can and preparing a customized multi-page “Plan of Action” report for you after our call has ended. Research I’ve done for past coaching clients includes reading over the latest Doberman-specific breed studies, calling and collaborating with expert contacts I have in the Doberman world on my client’s very specific issues, running through statistics, and researching the latest training techniques. 

If you have additional questions about our coaching calls, please Contact Us.

what MY clients say

"It was obvious that John had done extensive research to cater to my specific issues. The call in itself was a great asset and well worth the money, but the email I received afterwards was over the top. It included a "Plan of Action" customized to my call with information beneficial to my situation that we hadn't even discussed."
Samuel DETER
Coaching Client
"I feel certain it would have taken several sessions with any other trainer to understand and provide the amount of feedback John provided. This would have been hundreds of dollars. John completely understands Doberman behaviors, their health issues, training paradigms specific to the breed, and provided concise, easy to follow, and comprehensive feedback on what I was doing correctly, and how I can modify my behaviors (and my Dobermans) to succeed."
Lance Fuller
Coaching Client
"John was critical in helping me decide if the Doberman breed was right for me and my unique living situation. The advice I received was right on point and he helped me to avoid some very costly mistakes I was unknowingly about to make. I'm so thankful I reached out to John first!"
Dustin Stuflick
Coaching Client
"John held a smooth, easy conversation. Super knowledgeable. I also really appreciated the follow up email/personalized video + action plan. All a very nice touch! It’s also a super 'value-add' that I got to video chat with one of my favorite You-Tubers! "
Kristin Amarant
Coaching Client

Results are not guaranteed.  Training a dog requires hard work, time, dedication, and skill on the part of the owner.