Best Toys for Doberman Pinschers

Best Toys for Doberman Pinschers
Best Toys for Doberman Pinschers

Providing your Doberman Pinscher with lots of toy options will help keep him (or her) mentally stimulated while you’re gone, prevent him from chewing on furniture or other things around the house, help with dental health, and can be a great stress reliever. Your pup will just be much more relaxed if he has plenty to chew on.

Dobermans are very unique with their toy requirements, however. The biggest issue is their incredible jaw strength which can tear apart that nice expensive toy you just bought in a matter of minutes. It can even make a fun toy into a dangerous one if it’s torn into pieces. Trust me, it’s far too easy to spend hundreds of dollars on dog toys that are destroyed in minutes. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best dog toys for Dobermans that I have discovered so far.

The Best Doberman Toys I’ve Found So Far

I’ve tried the vast majority of the toys out there for big dogs and I’ve compiled this list of the toys that seem to work the best for Dobermans. But new products are always coming out and as I discover new toys that work really well for Dobies, I will add them here so that this list will always be up to date!

Best Puzzle Toy for Dobermans:

  • This Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Puzzle (Amazon link) – This is actually a rubber treat-dispensing puzzle toy. When your Dobie learns to squeeze and twist the toy just right, it will release whatever treat you put inside! It’s very mentally stimulating and really seems to keep them busy for hours. It’s made in the US and completely non-toxic. You’ll want to get the large version for a Doberman.

Best Throw-able Toys for Dobermans:

  • These Chuck-It Balls (Amazon link) – If you haven’t found out yet, Dobermans will split tennis balls in half in no time. They will also peel the skin and it can be a dangerous choking hazard. I use these Chuck-It balls with my Dobie as an alternative to tennis balls. It’s great to bring to the park, the X-large 3.5 inch ones are the perfect size for a Dobie, and will hold up to powerful jaws without a problem. I’ve had a few of mine for over two years so far and they’re still perfectly fine.
  • This Rubber Frisbee (Amazon Link) – This is one of the few frisbees I’ve found that seems to hold up to a Doberman. It’s not impossible to destroy though, so you still shouldn’t leave it alone with your Dobie all day. But this is a great toy to keep in a backpack for a trip to the park. It flies really well too!

Best Outdoor Toy for Dobermans:

  • Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Ball (Amazon link) – This is my dog’s go-to outdoor toy in our backyard. Surprisingly, it’s made for horses, but the 10-inch version works great for Dobermans. It’s super tough so I don’t have to worry about him destroying it and choking on it while I’m gone. If you do ever find that your pup has chewed a hole in the ball (rare, but it can happen according to a few Doberman owners), make sure you replace it right away.

Best Stress Relieving Toys for Dobermans:

  • This Kong Bone (Amazon link) – My Dobie Cooper loves this and hasn’t destroyed it in about two years now (and counting). It’s a heavy-duty, rubberized dog bone with slots in either end for treats. Canine Carry Outs Beef Flavored treats seem to fit really well and keep him busy for quite a while. You can also put in other things like baby carrots or peanut butter.
  • This Chicken Flavored Nylabone (Amazon link) – My dog absolutely loves the chicken flavor version and the extra-large bone seems to be perfect. Nylabones hold up for a long time and as the material “bristles” during chewing it will help to remove tartar and plaque from your dog’s teeth.
  • These Spikey Squeaker Balls (Amazon link) – This isn’t the most durable toy in the world, but it must feel amazing on the gums because my Dobie is pretty careful with it and just carries it around with him everywhere. Basically, he uses it like a pacifier. It has a very loud squeaker in it (which I chose to remove). Just keep an eye on the toy since eventually, they’ll chew a hole in it. Luckily, these are very cheap! They last my Dobie for at least 6 months at a time and are his favorite toy, so I keep a stash of them in the closet.

Keeping Toy Time Safe for your Doberman

Some toys (many actually) just can’t hold up to the bite force of a Doberman and will quickly break apart. Dobies are prone to intestinal blockages and to make things worse, they really do like swallowing things they shouldn’t.

Here are the basic rules to follow to keep things safe:

  1. Toys should be too big to fit into the back of their mouth, near the throat.
  2. Anything that can possibly break apart and be swallowed should only be given while you’re supervising your pup.
  3. Only the most trusted and durable toys should be left with them while they are alone.
  4. Avoid rope toys unless under very strict supervision. Individual strings of rope that are swallowed can cause intestinal blockages which can be very serious.

So it’s very important that you make sure whatever toy you give your pup is safe. If there is any question if it will hold up to their powerful jaws, only give it to them while you supervise and take it away if it starts to become damaged in any way.

Other Great Toy Options

These toys are great options that other Doberman owners swear by but either didn’t stand out as much as the top choices, or I just don’t have experience with them and can’t personally recommend them. I’m sure any of these would be great for your Dobie.

  • Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toys. The Goughnuts line consists of incredibly durable rubber toys that can last for years. If your dog destroys every toy you give him, these might be worth a try. Amazingly, their toys are guaranteed for life. If your dog chews through it, send it back and they’ll send you a replacement. Take a look at their Interactive Chew Toy, MAXX, and Chew Rings.
  • Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Dog Bones. These are great because they help with tartar and come in different flavors including beef, chicken, bacon, and peanut butter. The extra-large size fits a Dobie well. Just keep an eye out and take it away if they are chewing off chunks or it gets too small (not easy to do since it’s very durable).
  • Kong Extreme. The Kong toys are a classic, but the extreme line is even more durable than the original. Great for really powerful chewers. Put treats inside to keep your Dobie busy for hours. If you don’t buy the treats made for this purpose, you can always load it with peanut butter or freeze it for a cold treat! Get the extra-large size for Dobermans.
  • Our Pets Buster Food Cube. This toy is very mentally stimulating for your Dobie. It will release food you put inside of it if turned a certain way a number of different times. They will eventually learn the pattern it takes to unlock the treat. It’s very durable but made of a harder plastic and can be a bit loud on hardwood or tile floors.
  • Stuffed Animals. Any stuffed animal that you can give to your pup will likely be appreciated. Just make sure to keep them supervised since Dobermans tend to swallow stuffing and other fabrics which can be dangerous if it gets caught in their intestines. It’s nice to give them a different feeling toy though (like a stuffed animal) from time to time. Your pup just might find one they like and decide not to destroy it.
  • Snug Brand Rubber Dog Ball. A good, virtually indestructible, alternative to tennis balls. If you want to find something as close as possible to the size of a tennis ball but that’s indestructive, this might be your best bet.
  • Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Diamond Plate Dog Ball. Some Doberman owners absolutely love their Orbee dog balls. They’re bouncy, infused with mint or other flavors, non-toxic, and they float. They can crack eventually though, so keep an eye out and replace it if that happens. But it just may become your Dobie’s favorite toy because of the unique feel and taste.

How to Make a Toy More Appealing

There are many fun things you can do to make a toy more appealing for your Dobie. Many toys have slots where you can insert treats into them. Experiment with different treats to find one that your dog loves and to keep things interesting. Besides treats made for this purpose, you can also use baby carrots, peanut butter, or any other such foods that are healthy for dogs. Just be careful since some foods that humans eat can be toxic to dogs, so check before you give it to your pup.

On a hot day, you can also toss their favorite toy in the freezer for a while so they have a fun, cold treat to play with. If it has an area for a treat, try filling it with water and freezing it. Just make sure it’s a toy with a little give (and not made of extremely rigid material) so that it doesn’t break as the water freezes.

Things Not to Give Your Doberman to Play With

There are definitely a few things that can be tempting to give to your Dobie but could be really quite dangerous. Dobermans are susceptible to stomach issues and intestinal blockages so you want to make sure they don’t swallow anything potentially harmful. Examples of things you shouldn’t give your Dobie to play with are:

  • Tennis Balls -The Doberman’s powerful jaws will quickly snap a tennis ball in two and they can tear it apart with their teeth.
  • Old Socks – I know from personal experience that Dobies love to swallow socks. They can very easily be an intestinal issue or get stuck in their throat and be a suffocation hazard. So don’t give them old socks to play with, besides it’ll teach them that your socks are ok to chew on.
  • Stringy Toys or Ropes – These can be fun for a Doberman but they are dangerous when they start pulling the strings apart and swallowing them. I’d say that they may be ok under close supervision, but never leave them alone with a rope toy for long periods.
  • Raw Hides – These can be easily choked on or can get stuck in the back of the mouth or throat of your Dobie.

Preventing Furniture Chewing

Lucky for you, Dobermans are not prone to chewing on furniture and generally only do it out of frustration, boredom, or because they don’t know what’s expected of them. If you find them chewing on furniture (or anything else they shouldn’t be chewing on) in the house, make your expectations clear by telling them “No!” in a firm voice. Then redirect them to a toy they should be chewing on. Of course, it’s never a good idea to hit or strike your dog.

The best way to prevent them from chewing destructively in the house is to make sure they always have plenty of dog toys of various textures around for them to chew on. Also, make sure that other tempting things that your pup shouldn’t be chewing on are picked up and put away so you don’t confuse your dog.

You can also try the various “no chew” bitter-tasting sprays that many pet stores sell for the purpose of discouraging your dog from chewing on things they shouldn’t. In my experience though, they are usually only moderately successful. Your better bet is to find the root cause of why your Dobie is chewing on furniture and correcting that.

Remember, always have tons of chew toys available to them. This is especially important when they’re a puppy. The worst thing you can do is leave your dog without a good way to release tension.