Tech Gear and Gift Ideas for Doberman Owners

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Doberman Tech Gear and Gift Ideas Title

Technology is always improving and there are some pretty cool tech gadgets out there that can make life with a Doberman (or any dog) much easier. These cool gadgets even make some great gift ideas for that Doberman owner in your life. If you want more gift ideas for Doberman owners, see my full list of recommended products. I pride myself on personally testing all products before putting them on my recommended products list. But this tech gear list is a little different.

This is just a fun list of some of the newest tech gear out there and although I don’t put anything on this list without a lot of research, please remember that many of these I have not tried myself yet. Technology is just changing too fast for me to keep up! But, I won’t add something here that people report as not working well for large dogs or Dobermans specifically.

Cool Dog Tech Gear (Great for Dobermans)

Fi Smart GPS Dog Collar – This is a GPS tracker that can show you on a map exactly where your dog is at any time. It really works amazingly well for my Doberman Arlo. You can also set a “virtual fence” on a map and when your dog leaves that area, you’ll get an automatic alert on your phone via the app, or an email alert. It’s also an activity tracker (much like a FitBit is for a human) and lets you know how your dog’s activity has been for the day including distance traveled, steps, and more. It’s made of metal, incredibly strong (300lbs of pull resistance), very sleek, waterproof, and dustproof. The two biggest advantages this GPS collar has over the competition are its small size and incredibly long battery life. One charge can last up to 3 months! Of course, this depends on how often your dog is away from the home (and other factors). But I take my Doberman out a lot so I find I have to charge it about once every 2 weeks. Much better than the other GPS collars out there where owners tell me they have to charge them every 2 or 3 days!

Note: Watch me test out the smart collar on my Doberman here! Also, to take advantage of the real-time tracking functions it requires an inexpensive monthly subscription. However, a monthly plan is NOT required to use this collar unlike many others out there. You’ll just be a bit limited on the functions.

Doberman wearing a Fi Smart GPS Collar

Petcube Cam – This cool little device allows you to have a two-way video calling with your pet (with two-way audio) from your smartphone. It has a ton of cool features like night-vision, a super wide-angle lens so you can see your whole room, and sound and motion-triggered video recording. Plus a lot more. I showed this cool camera in action in this video on the Doberman Planet YouTube channel.

Furbo Remote Dog Camera – This cool little device was featured on the Ellen Degeneres show. It lets you see and talk to your dog through your smartphone while you’re gone but there isn’t a screen for them to see you. You can even remotely toss a treat to them from your phone and watch your pup go crazy for it. With the barking alert function, if your dog barks, your phone is alerted. Then you can jump on the camera, see what they’re doing, talk to them, and toss them a treat!

It has some other very useful alerts such as dog activity alert where you’ll be alerted when your dog is extra active, dog selfie alert where it’ll alert you (and take a picture) when your dog is facing the camera, and person alert where it’ll alert you when someone else is in your home.

Non-Shocking Anti-Bark Collar – This is an anti-bark collar that doesn’t use any electrostatic shocking whatsoever. It uses strong vibrations and loud irritating sound bursts to discourage the dog from barking once it’s detected. I’ve seen mixed opinions about non-shocking dog collars in general, but of the reviewers on Amazon who have used this on Dobermans, so far all of them have rated it 5 stars and said it did the trick to stop their Dobie from barking.

This would be something great to consider if you hate the idea of a traditional shock collar but still need to get your dog to stop barking while you’re gone.

Petcube Pet Camera with Remote Control Laser Toy – This is actually a really good home monitoring camera as well as a remote interactive pet device. You can remotely see your pet via your smartphone and talk to them through the speaker. You can even remotely control a little red laser light and watch them chase it across the floor. It has noise-activated and motion-activated modes where it will alert you or just record video clips of the motion it sees so you can play it back anytime and see what your pup was up to whenever you get a break at work. This also has HD video, night vision, and free cloud storage for up to 4 hours of video recordings.

Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher/Fetch Device – This cool little box will play fetch with your Dobie for 15 minutes stretches at a time. Your dog will quickly learn to return the tennis ball into the top of the machine, back up, and wait for the ball to be shot out again. You can control the distance and the angle it launches the tennis ball’s out at. It also comes with a plug for powering the device but it has the option of using batteries instead so you can take it with you to the park.

This device also has a sensor so that it won’t launch the ball directly into your dog’s face if they stand right in front of it. It will only launch the ball once your dog backs up a decent distance, or stands off to the side of the launcher.

Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler – From everything I’ve read, this little beauty can be a lifesaver if you have a tenacious Dobie who loves to tear up your yard or dig holes in the middle of your garden. This cool little device will stand guard over any area of your yard that you want, day or night. If it detects motion, it’ll activate its sprinkler and clear the area of any pests (or Dobermans). Dobies hate water, so this just may work wonders for you.

It has settings so you can have it only activate during night hours, daytime hours, or you can set it to always be on. You can adjust the distance from the device it will detect motion at and how long it will water for when it detects movement. If you have a problem with deer eating your plants, this works great for that too.

Dog Treadmill – Dobies need a lot of exercise. Sometimes it can be hard to get out of the house and go for long walks multiple times a day like the typical Doberman needs to say healthy and happy. Luckily, if you have this dog treadmill you can make sure your dog always gets the workout he needs. Want the fastest Dobie around? This is how you do it!

This will work for any dog up to 180 pounds (so plenty big enough for any Doberman), it’s super quiet according to the reviews left by customers, comes with preset workout routines or you can make your own, and it’ll fold up and store away easily. A pretty cool way to get in one last walk of the day without leaving your home!

Cooling Dog Bed – Dobies can overheat pretty easily in hot climates. This pet bed can help with that. You fill it with water and place it inside your home. When your dog gets overheated, they can lay on the bed and it’ll help bring their body temperature down quickly. It’s very easy to clean and just might be a perfect way to cool down your pup after a nice workout on the treadmill listed above! At least one Doberman owner on Amazon reported back and gave it a 5-star review saying their Dobie was using the bed within an hour of setting it up and loves it.

There are two color options (blue and grey), and a few different size options. For a Dobie, get the large (32″ x 44″) size.

Swimming Pool Alarm with Remote Receiver – If you own a pool and are concerned about your Dobie falling in (or even purposely going in) without your knowledge, this little device might do the trick for your peace of mind. Really if anything gets into the pool and makes a wave, this device will alert you so it can even be an added layer of safety for kids.

If it activates due to waves in the pool, a siren will emit from the unit and from the remote receiver which can be inside your house (up to 200 feet away from the floating sensor). There are mixed reviews for this product so make sure you read through them before purchasing.

Automatic Bubble Machine with Dog Safe Bubbles – An automatic bubble machine loaded with dog-safe flavored bubbles will seriously become your best friend (next to your Doberman of course). This will provide just a ton of fun for your Doberman on a constant basis. A lot of us Doberman owners use this to keep our dogs happy throughout the day (myself included). You can find some peanut butter and bacon-flavored bubbles here. These are the two flavors Dobermans really go crazy for! See which one your’s prefers!

It can be hard to find gifts for a Doberman owner, but this list of cool tech-gifts will help get you started. Or if you are shopping for yourself, hopefully, you can also find something great here. This list will be updated frequently to include the coolest new technology as it comes available so check back in the future. Also, please let me know if you have any suggestions for this list that you’ve personally tried with your Doberman!