Local Guest Owners (Contract Position)

Free In-Person Training/Coaching from John?!

Are you a Doberman owner who is local to the Doberman Planet offices in the Bay Area of California? If you live in Sonoma County, Napa County, Solano County, Marin County, Contra Costa County, or the neighboring areas in California then we’d love to hear from you!

Doberman Planet is looking for some local Doberman owners to feature on the Doberman Planet YouTube channel! John will come out to you, work with you and your dog in person, and we’ll record the experience for the Doberman Planet audience along the way!

This is an amazing opportunity to do something really different, get free training from a Doberman specialist, and help other Doberman owners in the process!

Are you a local Doberman owner infographic.

You’ll likely start out working closely with John who will come to you and film various training concepts with you and your dog, but you may occasionally also record some of your journey and send in your footage on your own as well.

There’s also the possibility of occasional sponsorship opportunities (that may involve compensation for you) where you’ll test new dog products and services with your Doberman and report back about your experience!

We’re Looking for Guests Who Are:

  • Comfortable (or can become comfortable) in front of a camera.
  • Excited to work with John in person.
  • Eager to get free training/coaching on Doberman ownership from John.
  • Able to occasionally deliver footage of themselves speaking into a camera and following a provided outline, and often with their dog present.
  • Flexible in what they produce based on the needs of Doberman Planet.
  • Willing to show their dog and daily life candidly to our viewers.
  • Excited to share insight into this breed with positivity, and passion.
  • Willing to occasionally follow highly scripted segments in the footage they record, such as sponsorship blurbs or other specific segments.
  • Willing to occasionally review a product or service from the perspective of a Doberman owner.
  • Able to have video calls with the Doberman Planet team prior to the production of a new video to collaborate and discuss details of the project.

This is a contract position where you’ll be working closely with John Walter of Doberman Planet (through video calls and in-person meetings), and producing wonderfully insightful raw footage of life with your Doberman that we will later edit, polish, and eventually publish on the Doberman Planet YouTube channel.

What’s in It for You?

We’re looking for individuals who are excited about the Doberman breed and eager to share what life is like owning a Doberman with the world.

The typical project will not include financial compensation but you will receive exposure to a large audience and free coaching/training directly from John on Doberman ownership during the production of whatever project we’re working on together. This can vary a bit depending on the opportunity (such as sponsorship spots, for example).


What will I need to deliver as the final product?

This will vary a bit depending on the project and John will discuss it with you in detail prior to starting each new project. Most of your projects will be “in person” with John so we’ll handle the majority of the filming and all of the editing of the footage and only you or your dog need to take on the role of the featured guest in the episode. Occasionally we may also ask you to film yourself or your dog doing something and submit the footage yourself. We’ll communicate every step of the way and if we ask for something you can’t deliver, just let us know! We consider our guest contractors as an important part of Doberman Planet and we’ll be happy to be flexible and work WITH you!

Do I need to edit the footage?

Not at all! Doberman Planet uses its own video editors. We handle everything else, all you need to worry about is speaking with us to discuss each project, producing the requested raw footage, and delivering (uploading) it to us if necessary!

Would I be in every episode?

No, you’ll be one of many guests who appear on Doberman Planet.

How will I know what to say in these videos?

Most projects are done “on the fly” while we record in person and all you need to do is be yourself! But depending on the project, you may have an outline to work through after at least one in-depth discussion with John about the project so you’ll know exactly what we’re looking for.

How often would you want me to produce footage for an episode?

It may vary but it’s ALWAYS subject to your availability. This should be FUN and not a headache! We’ll make you occasional offers for projects as they become available and you can accept or decline as you wish.

I don’t know much about recording high-end video footage, is that ok?

We will handle most of the recording since the majority of your videos will likely be in-person with us (we come to you). Also, we are FAR less concerned about finding someone who can produce perfect video footage than we are about finding someone who can produce useful and helpful videos for our viewers. Even if you’re new to recording audio and video, as long as you’re the type to always be improving as you go, then we’re happy!

I don’t have any video equipment, can I still do this?

We’ll be doing most of the audio and video capturing so this really isn’t an issue! However, for the occasional projects that do require you to capture your own footage, most modern cell phones are capable of producing great footage! If you are able to (1) find a way to keep your phone stable during recording such as by using a tripod and (2) find a way to capture audio in a better-than-average way (such as a cheap lav microphone that plugs into your cell phone), then you’re more than capable of producing what we’re looking for!

Many of our guest hosts use the Tascam DR-10L (Amazon Link) lav mic to record exceptional audio and a cheap tripod to hold their phones steady. Of course, if you do have better equipment such as a digital video camera or DSLR camera, high-end lav microphone, or video lighting, that’s always welcome as the end product will be even better!

I want to do it! What are the next steps?

Simply submit an interest card by clicking on the button in the section below. It’ll take you to a basic form that will allow us to get to know you a little bit better! Once that’s completed and submitted, if we’re interested in speaking with you further, we’ll reach out to you! Please be patient as there may be a bit of a wait before you hear back from us!

Submit Your Interest

If you live within the Bay Area of California (or a reasonable driving distance from our office in Rohnert Park, California), and are interested in being a local contract guest with Doberman Planet, please submit your interest by clicking on the button below and filling out an interest card! If you have any questions, please submit them to [email protected].